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Greenpoint: A Time Capsule

Project type:

Illustrated book


My first year in NYC, I lived in Greenpoint and spent most of my time with three new friends, all local to the neighborhood. As the year wound to a close, I was swept up by a wave of future nostalgia and wanted to capture our time together somehow.

I researched, wrote, designed, and illustrated a small book about Greenpoint, highlighting unique historical tidbits as well as aspects of the neighborhood that had played a role in our time together.

I approached the book as a time capsule—and a time capsule it will always be. Greenpoint has changed a lot since 2015 and will continue to change in the years to come. I’m no longer in touch with those three former friends, but the book will remain a small tribute to our year together.

Looking back, I think this project would have been more interesting had I incorporated additional personal anecdotes and perspectives. Chatting with neighborhood shop owners, baristas, and passing pedestrians, as well as potentially interviewing my three friends, would have made it a far more vibrant time capsule.

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